About Belle Poque

Inspired by the vintage styles of the 1940’s to 1970’s and the iconic women of the era, Belle Poque is rich in charm, vibrant colours, and flattering silhouettes, with an emphasis on elegant vintage inspired prints.

Embracing unashamed femininity, Belle Poque creates unique and timeless fashion that allow every woman to express her charismatic, confident self. Founded by a husband to show his love and respect for his retro-loving wife Belle Poque has evolved into a wide collection of elegant dresses, tops, skirts, pants and accessories.

Since creation in 2014 Belle Poque has controlled the entire creative process from in house designers and stylists to printing and manufacture to ensure strict control on design and quality. Belle Poque creates styles for women of multiple ages and body types with a focus on making elegance accessible to all and boasts a global community of devoted customers.

Vintage & Classic

Belle Poque as-a-person is a fashion lover who presents herself in a graceful, sophisticated and charismatic way.

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