1. Why was my package delivery attempt unsuccessful?

Typically, unsuccessful delivery attempts are caused by the following:
1) The package's delivery address was incorrect/invalid
2) The shipping provider could not physically access the delivery location.
3) No one was home to receive the package
4) Shipping provider could not contact the recipient
If the above does not resolve your issue, please contact your shipping provider immediately to find out the current status of your package and to schedule a pickup or reshipment. Below is most of the shipping provider contact information provided. If your shipping provider is not listed here, you can write a detailed email describing your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible after the holidays.
USPS reference number: 1-800-275-8777
Canadian CAPOST reference phone number: 1-866-607-6301
UK Royal Mail reference number: 03457 740 740
German DHL reference phone number: 4922843 33 112
Italian Post reference number: 803.160 or 800.316.181
Austrian DPD reference number: 43 (0) 810 810 110

2. Why is the logistics track / I received an email saying that the package has been delivered, but I haven't received it yet?

Don't worry, if you haven't received the package yet, please try the following ways to find the package before contacting customer service:
1) Confirm that your delivery address is correct, go to the Belle Poque official website, and confirm the delivery details of your order.
2)  If the correct address is confirmed, most packages are usually found accidentally misplaced. Check your mailbox or drop-off location to see if the courier left your package near your home, in the mailbox, in front of the garage or on the lawn.
3) Check to see if someone else is taking your delivery. Ask your family members, neighbors, doorman or other household members if they have accepted your package.
4) Sometimes the courier tries to contact you for package delivery, but fails to deliver. Please check your phone message or email to see if the carrier notified you of a failed delivery attempt or negotiated a second delivery time with you.
If a delivery attempt fails, or you still cannot get your package back, the fastest thing to do is to contact the carrier directly.
If you have tried the steps above and are still unable to locate your package, you can write a detailed email describing your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible after the holidays.